With the cleaning we have found a laptop in the Minnaert building. Are you the one who forgot his/her laptop, please contact us!


You can find all the photos taken at the BAPC 2012 here.

Presentation Jury

Did you miss all the fun facts in the presentation the Jury gave on the 27th? You can find it here, to read them again!

Problemset online!

A zip file containing the problems, test data and solutions of the BAPC 2012 can be downloaded here. The problem texts are copyright by the BAPC 2012 jury. They are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license version 3.0; The complete license text can be found here.

Final standings BAPC2012

The finals standings of the BAPC2012 can be found here.

Train delays

We would like to report that there will be no trains between Utrecht-Den Bosch-Eindhoven on the 27th. You will have to take the NS-busses. Take into account that this can take one hour/a half hour of delay.

Program booklet available

The program booklet is now available online.

Presentation preliminaries

At the preliminary in Utrecht, the jury made a presentation about the solutions. It also contains some interesting statistics about the UKP and TKP. Download

Final standings and problems preliminaries

You can find the final standing of the BAPC preliminaries here!

Do you want to take an other look at the answers or practice for the BAPC? Here are preliminary problems with the testdata and solutions. Download


Follow the BAPC preliminaries online!

Program & System details Online

To prepare yourself for the BAPC you can find the system specifications here. We also have the dayplanning. It will be a great day!


Welcome to the website of the BAPC 2012! Here you can find all the information about the contest!

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